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            Zibo Taiding Papermaking Machinery Co.,Ltd Chinese  |  English 
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            About Us
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            Multi-zone controllable …
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            Name:Zibo Taiding Papermaking Machinery Co.,Ltd
            E-mail: sdzbtd@163.com
            Address:No.98,Hengxing road, Zhoucun district, Zibo city, Shandong province
            About Us  

              Zibo Taiding Papermaking Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in the economic development zone, zhoucun district, Zibo city. It was established on 28th ,Dec, 2005, with the registered asset of 109 million yuan. The legal representative is Zhuge Baojun. Now it has 232 employees, consisting of 6 senior engineers , 18 engineers,85 technician.We specialize in: Multi-zone controllable crown super calender,Multi-roll calender,hard calender,soft calender,Multi-zone controllable crown press roll and shoe press.We also design and manufacture high temp and high pressure special calender and modification for old calender. The products are sold to paper mills all over China and exported to foreign countries.The company has an asset of 260 million yuan, 320 million yuan intangible asset,machining workshop 10000m2,equipped with 100t lifting crane,large CNC roll grinding machine,special machine for bore turning and drilling,large CNC machining center,CNC floor type turning and milling machine,balancing machine,etc.It can meet the high precision need of making large calender and shoe press.We have passed ISO9001:2008 QMS certification.Certification No:10416Q21057R0S.

            We promise: The normal service life of the controllable crown roll can be 30 years

            Quality be heavier than Mount Tai, Commitment to the word

            Zibo Taiding Papermaking Machinery Co.,LtdAll Rights 2010 Reserved
            No.98,Hengxing road, Zhoucun district, Zibo city, Shandong province Phone:0533--6556085 Fax:0533--6557368 admin